What we do.

Why make long lines or pay high prices at the hospital? Instead come and visit us. We serve our community with the highest efficiency and safety for all the families in Houston. Our treatment is based on prevention and attention to previous acute and chronic conditions. Remember "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure"

Respiratory Infection

Any infection that occurs to the respiratory system. The primary cause for a respiratory infection is transmission. Some types of these diseases are contagious and spread easily between people. Other types are infectious, which are transmitted by a pathogenic organism.

​- Common cold        

- Pneumonia            

- Bronchitis                     

- Influenza

- Flu                          

- Sinusitis                    

- Otitis (Ear Infection)            

Control of Medical Conditions

- High blood Pressure

- Diabetes

- Cholesterol

- Thyroid Disease (Hyper or Hypothyroidism)

- Kidney Disease (Septic or Nonseptic)

- Obesity

​- Liver Disease

- Heart Disease

- Osteoarticular Disease (arthrosis, arthritis, polyarthralgia)

- Acute and Chronic Pain

- Asthma


- Emphysema

- Allergies

Family Planning


Plan when to have children, Family planning lets you know about the use of birth control. In our office you will find the best quality service which includes the best treatment. You and the Dr. will go over on what would be the best treatment for you wheter it would be pills, injections, or devices.

Services for the whole Family

Other services we provide include:

- Ear Cleaning

- Ingrown Toe Nail Removal

- Abscess Removal

- Physicals Exams for School

- Vaccines

- Warts Removal

- Blood Exams

- HIV Test

- Pregancy Test

- DOT Exam

- Immigration  Exam