Weight Loss

Are you ready to commit to your own health and wellness?

Our three month program is the ultimate step towards a fully integrated weight loss program. The program is individualized and constantly monitored to ensure amazing results.

Initial Medical Evaluation

On your first visit, blood work will be drawn and sent to the lab to perform tests which will include:

  • Chemistry to evaluate Glucose
  • Kidney and Liver Function
  • Blood count to evaluate Anemia
  • Thyroid Panel to evaluate Metabolism
  • And your Consult to determine the best program for you!


Along with your first visit, you will be given a 30 day supply of Lipo-BC, a Fat- Burning supplement, PLUS a prescription for an appetite suppressant. A lipo-B and B-12 Injection will also be part of your visit.

Our Buddy Program!

Refer a buddy, like your sister/brother or a friend​, and get up to 5, 2-in-1, FREE injections!

Thats a $200 Value.


We evaluate all the results from the tests performed, and focus on a treatment based on the findings. You will receive again the 30 day suply of Lipo-BC and a new prescription for the appetite suppressant. Along with your medication, you will receive your injection and Nutrition Education